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FortisLearn Student Testimonials

OMG, FortisLearn is like, the best thing that's happened to my school life! They've got these cool, personalized learning activities that make learning fun and way less boring. Plus, they actually pay us for doing our worksheets, which is pretty awesome! I feel like I'm learning so much more, and the cashback is a big help. It's like FortisLearn knows exactly what I want to learn and helps me get better at it. So yeah, if you want to make learning fun and get paid for it, you've got to try FortisLearn! 😄

Alan Tan

Secondary 4 Student

FortisLearn super tutor helps me with my homework even at 1am in the morning, and it makes my school life so much easier. The interactive worksheets give real time feedbacks. And the more I practice the more I get paid. FortisLearn totally gets what I want to learn and helps me improve. If you want 24/7 instant tuition help, fun learning, and getting paid for studying, you need FortisLearn!

Jenny Suri

Secondary 3 Student

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Students are getting paid with all the learning activities done on the platform. The more students studying, the more cashback students earn. Earnings will be paid out on the last day of each month.

Students enjoy a 7 day free trial policy where no charge will be deducted within 7 days. However to be able to claim earnings, students have to perform at least 1 month of learning activities.

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